Day 14~ Subscribing to Newsfeeds & Trolls

On Facebook, you have the option of having only friends’ posts in your newsfeed or subscribing to other pages.  I have a lot of authors, bloggers, singers in my news feed as I do like to keep up with where they are, what they’re doing, what they’re talking about, etc.

I also have Breaking News in my news feed. As well as some other local news stations, weather, radio stations, on air personalities and the like.

Breaking News is one that I have learned to read the story only and forego any passing glance at the comments. Why? Because the commenters on there are just plain nuts. This is a worldwide forum and wow do they ever get some nut jobs commenting.

I used to fire back with an intelligible thought but that only sucked me in. You see, once you comment on a news story, it’s really hard to not read the follow up comments. Many pages moderate their comments but Breaking News and other worldwide news agencies do not. So it is a free-for-all and people act like maggots on dead flesh when there is ANYTHING they could possibly extract in the way of controversy.  My trigger point used to be the abortion debate. I would get sucked in and I would try to sound common-sensical but I always got dragged through a pile of crap and all of the sudden found myself defending issues that weren’t mine to defend. And this is where I learned about trolls.

The interwebs are full of trolls.  Don’t know what a troll is? Well you probably have never commented on a news story, opinion piece, blog or Twitter thread.  Trolls are everywhere and their one purpose in life is to make you say, type and give up words and thoughts you never planned on using.  They function to make you sweat. Their game is getting you so riled up about an issue that they become the primary target and focus of a news feed.  They want all the attention and they’ll say/type anything to get it. They are heartless, vicious, mean, relentless and they never stop. They don’t care who you are or what you believe, they just want you mad and typing. And then they pull any word or phrase and make a mountain out of a molehill. Trolls are evil temptresses.

Walk away.

Don’t even go there.

Don’t start and you’ll never have to stop.

Once you take the bait, you are a feast for the sharks so don’t even step into the water.

I still have Breaking News in my feed but I never click on the comments. Usually within 30 seconds of a story being posted there are several thousand comments and that right there is a sign that nothing good will come out of this “open conversation”.

Be wary of comments. Some are just there to stir the pot and disturb the poop.

This is a great article on Internet Trolls. Click here: Internet Trolls and Why I do What I do. 


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