Day 15~ Groups on Facebook

I administrate a couple of groups on Facebook.

They are private family groups so I have them blocked out in this screen shot: 




Groups are a great way of connecting with people that have similar interests as you but allows you to keep your privacy on your home page. In other words, you do not have to be( nor should you be)  Facebook friends with people in your group in order to see what they post….IN THAT GROUP.

For example, I have 2 family groups: one on my mom’s side, one on my dad’s.  These are private groups meaning they are not visible or searchable on Facebook but you have to be invited to be a part of them.  We can exchange recipes, family photos, addresses and information on upcoming events or reunions. 

This was a really helpful tool when my grandpa passed away last year. It was a great collection of photos, stories and thoughts.  Sometimes our groups are quiet for months at a time, but they are always there if we need information or to reconnect. 


I also belong to some photography and prairie interest groups.  I may not post anything for months at a time but I can see what others post. It’s like leaving your living room(your personal Facebook page) and walking down the street to the local coffee shop to see and hear what’s new in the area. It is social but it still allows you your personal space and privacy.

If you want to start a group page, they’re pretty simple.  Unless you’re doing something public like a community garage sale or mom/tot group, I recommend making them private and by invitation only. This keeps the trolls and spammers away.  You will still get requests from spammers to join but at least you can weed them out and block them as necessary.  Even with public type pages, I recommend having at least one or two administrators and making “joining a group” mandatory so that you protect the privacy of your members.  This option allows people to view the group but they can’t see the content or comment until they actually join. 


Groups keep you connected without the personal commitment to keep in touch with every person in your family or club on a daily basis!


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