Day 17~ Why I Love Facebook Part 2

Before Facebook, I lived in my own little world, doing what I’ve always done, minding my business(mostly) and carrying on in the best way I knew how.  I mean, we all were. We all have been living and doing all that we  KNEW to do.  Yes, the internet opened our eyes. But it wasn’t until social networking came along that we actually had the opportunity to SHARE ideas and thoughts and REAL CONVERSATIONS with our friends, family and even people we’ve never met.

This is what I love about Facebook. I have grown. Anyone who doesn’t grow and morph and broaden their horizons and thoughts while on Facebook is doing it wrong. (that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it)

Today, I want to share with you two examples of how I have learned to open up my little pee brain to a big wide world. Judgment, self-pity and criticism have too long been focused attitudes. And listen, I’m the first in line for all 3 because that is just who I was/am.  But I’m here to tell you, that you can open your eyes and your mind and branch out…even just a bit….and learn from others.

From Jen Hatmaker this morning(author, blogger, speaker and generally just a really nice mom and wife):

 I suspect we misjudge people 90% of the time. Experience tells me I can sit down over coffee with almost any perceived adversary and end up laughing until my ribs ache. We were born on the same day, we both quit reading the same book halfway through, we are both worried about parenting, we both love Jesus even if we don’t agree on all the dressings. Common ground abounds.
Yes, some people are genuinely toxic or unhealthy, but we should draw those conclusions from personal experience, not hearsay or assumptions. I see a strategy for fracturing humanity well in play: just keep people separated and let them reinforce invented boundaries in their imaginations. Because when people come together and really listen to each other, doing the hard work of human kindness, virtually every barrier is breached. The entire mechanism is a house of cards; we can topple the structure with courage and trust and real discussions and grace for each other.


Read the entire piece here: it is REALLY GOOD!   The Mythical THEY


The second thing I want you to read is from Glennon at Momastery.  She just nails it today with this post:

I’ve Got Spirit, And So Do You

God, whomever God is, has my full reverence. But yes, I am irreverent to everyone’s ideas about God – especially mine. And I am most irreverent to religious certainty. Because certainty does not sound like faith. It sounds like fear. Fear cannot leave any room for mystery. Faith leaves room.

– See more at:


If Facebook doesn’t make you a better person, doesn’t make you kinder, gentler, full of grace and mercy. If it doesn’t open your eyes to the world around you and love people more and judge less, then you’re doing it wrong. I hope you read these two amazing posts from two amazing women and feel like you just lightened your load a little today.

for all of my posts in this series, click here:  Facebook 101

One thought on “Day 17~ Why I Love Facebook Part 2

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