Day 18~ Using the Internet for Good,Selfies and Socktober


This is a real word now.

Never used to be.

But now it is.


Say it with me, “SE>>>>LLLLL>>>>FIES>>>>>”

It’s silly, isn’t it? Silly that we are now the MOST PHOTOGRAPHED generation in the history of the world. In fact, there are probably more photos being taken today than there have been total photos taken since the first photo was taken. (This is just a random fact I made up but it’s probably true).

My daughter has about 1000 photos of her self in her photo folders on our family computer. And I’m being conservative. I don’t get it.

Once you take a photo, isn’t that good? I mean, what are you hoping for? The perfect duck face? Perfect lighting? Are you sending head shots to a modeling agency? Why are we taking selfies??? Somebody explain this to me.

Let’s use the internet and Facebook for good. Go right now to your profile and look in your photo albums. I want you to count how many SELF-PORTRAITS you have . Then report back. Seriously. Let’s out ourselves. This is pure silliness.

I have an idea. If we maybe stopped taking selfies and used our cameras to look OUTWARD- say, I don’t know, at our neighbourhoods, cities, friends, family…maybe we’d start to see the need around us. If the camera is always pointed towards us, then we’re never really looking out.  So today, take a picture of someone or something in need around you. You don’t have to post it but I want you to look at it. And then do something about it.

Tomorrow in our city, there is a city-wide food bank drive. We have these lovely brown bags and we’re supposed to fill them up and place them on our front step. I’m doing it and I think everyone else should too. And even if your city isn’t doing it, you can still fill a bag and drop it off at a local food bank center or donation bin.

Let’s use the internet and Facebook for good today! Enough of the selfies.

And watch this….so funny and so right on!

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