Day 19~ Promoting Yourself on Facebook

I follow a LOT of bloggers and authors on Facebook.  I often choose to follow them based on more than just one article I have read. There has to be substance and meaning to what they post in order for me to follow them daily.

Every once in a while, I am disappointed. They either have a completely different Facebook presence than what their blog may have led me to believe OR they have no Facebook presence at all. The latter doesn’t really affect much since they’re never really “present” but the former, that makes me hit unLike.

I have also noticed with my Facebook friends who are in business, who are philanthropic or who have various passions that they will post on that particular topic a lot. That’s actually fine and what Facebook is for. Heck, I do that!


Some of my friends and even family rarely, if ever post about  their day, their family, their home, their church, their friends….their LIVES!  What they do post is whatever they are selling- ads, promos, articles.  The passionate ones post about their causes.  Which is fine except for ONE LITTLE THING…..they never post from first hand knowledge or their own personal take.  They are always linking to someone else, something else, some other person’s thoughts.  It’s tiring and frankly, I hide these people. They post the same stuff ALL THE TIME.  It isn’t interesting or engaging. They lost me.

They lost me when they never shared why they were passionate. They lost me when they never talked about all the other parts of their life. They lost me when it all started to feel like one big sales pitch or “show me the plan” kind of Amway meeting. They lost me when they slammed every other product, service or opinion that was not linked to their product, service or opinion.

Hey, I’m all for self-promotion. I’m all for tooting your own horn and raving about something that you love. But never at the expense of every other person out there trying to make a living with their products or raving about their passions. If you want to help the shepherd people of Guatemala, great! Tell me something interesting and appeal to my senses! But don’t bash all the people who eat lamb for supper.  Maybe lamb is all some people can afford. (okay, I’m being facetious but I hope you can see through the analogy to get the point)

Chris Marlow, who is an author/blogger/motivational speaker/humanitarian posted this on Facebook yesterday:

If all you do is promote yourself or your product, people will eventually ignore you.


Sometimes I delete. Sometimes I just hide, but whatever it is, I do it because narrow-mindedness and never engaging are just not what Facebook is about. At least, not for me.


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