Day 21~ The Diary Mentality

So, you’re on Facebook and you have a few friends. You go to your newsfeed to catch up on news, photos and other fun stuff. And then THIS happens:

“Today I have lots to do. I have to wash some dishes and then go get the mail. And then I’ll have to get at that pile of junk in the garage. And then I guess I should think about supper. Hoping it’s a good day.”

Hmm….okay then.

And then later you see this:

” I just finished the dishes and made supper. Before that I cleaned out the litter box and cleaned the garbage out of all the bathrooms. Now I’m going to sit down and watch some TV.”

I’m probably going to get some negative feedback but guys, seriously? Facebook is NOT your diary.  It’s not a journal log of everything you did in the past hour, 24 hours or week. No one cares if you’re doing dishes again today like you did yesterday(and yes, I have friends who actually post that daily).

We want to hear not WHAT you’re doing but HOW you’re doing. We want to know HOW you feel and what is motivating you or speaking to you or exciting you.  We want to hear if you’re upset(but not a cryptic status please) and we want to share those ups and downs of life with you.

Listen, we all eat, we all clean up, we all poop and we all go to bed. We get it.  This is not news. This is not social interaction. Again, back to the living room analogy. Would you invite your friends over and say: ” Ya, so I just took a dump before you got here and before that I made the bed.  Oh and I emptied the dishwasher. ”

Not likely.  Ewww.  But for some reason this is how some people use Facebook.

I hide them. Or delete them. Not because I’m mean….well, okay, maybe I am.  But because that’s ALL they ever post. Like for real. I’ve gone through their timelines and it’s the same thing every day.

This is where that whole idea of self-editing comes into play.  Go back to your timeline and see what you post. One thing I do notice is that those who regularly post what they’re doing(like a list of things) get very few comments, sometimes none for days or weeks. If that’s you- consider content.  Just a friendly little heads up. Remember, this is SOCIAL networking. If you’re not being social, you’re doing it wrong.

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2 thoughts on “Day 21~ The Diary Mentality

  1. I save all that for my blog….cause that is my journal. I don’t even read posts on Facebook anymore. Most people only put crap there that is trying to impress someone and I am not impressed. If my friends want to know what I am up to….then reach out and call me or come over. Facebook isn’t the place to socialize. In my opinion we should let Facebook go back to the kids….Just my opinion!

    • I like that Paula! The kids can have it! I have found it to be of help recently when we lost our cat. After posting in local groups, we had some sightings of her. But most days, I do very little on FB. In fact, my kids might even do less which is good, they are addicted enough to their technology as it is. I open my son’s door each morning to wake him and he has an iphone in one hand and working on his iPad at the same time…..

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