31 Days 2013 { Facebook 101 }

My blog would be nothing without the advantages of social media like Twitter and Facebook.

I love the ability to connect with so many of my readers in casual conversations.

But Facebook is more than that. It is a personal space and I am very careful about who has access to me and my family.  I love the connections I have with family and friends who live far away.  As an introvert, it truly is one of my lifelines.  But many do not know how to use it at all or how to use it well.  Teens are over sharing.  Families don’t know how to balance it with their in person connections.  Friends are getting offended and some people just don’t have a filter at all.

I’m hoping we can all engage in this discussion.  Facebook is here to stay.  I love it and I want you to love it too.  I also want us all to learn how to use it better.

Join me for 31 Days of Facebook 101~ Putting Some Thought Into Social Networks

fb button

This will also be the page to go to for updated links on each days’ posts so you don’t get lost with all the other stuff I have on my blog!

Intro Post- Facebook 101

Day 1~Let’s Talk About Your Facebook Profile

Day 2- Introverts and Extroverts on Facebook

Day 3-  The Difference Between Secrecy and Privacy 

Day 4- What You Post Matters 

Day 5-Who Are Your Friends? 

Day 6- Unfriending 101

Day 7~The Writing on the Wall

Day 8~ Sincerity and An Apology

Day 9- A Clean News Feed

Day 10- Urban Legends and False Stories

Day 11- Facebook Funnies

Day 12- The Good Thing about Facebook Part 1

Day13- Games, Google Chrome and Other Stuff

Day 14- Subscribing to Newsfeeds and Trolls

Day 15-Groups on Facebook

Day 16- Sharing About Family on Facebook

Day 17- Why I love Facebook Part 2

Day 18~Using the Internet for Good: Selfies and Socktober

Day 19- Promoting Yourself on Facebook

Day 20- Married People on Facebook

Day 21- The Diary Mentality

16 thoughts on “31 Days 2013 { Facebook 101 }

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