I’m a mom(to 4 healthy kids all born via c-section in a span of 5 years…can you say OUCH?),

a wife(  23 years to the SAME man! OH YES!! )

and a woman with strong faith and convictions.   Sometimes my convictions get me into heated debates~ I’m working on that. I’d much rather have an attitude of grace  and be meek and mild.  Why didn’t God make me meek?

I LOVE to read. I am a messy homemaker. I like to bake but hate the clean up. I photograph EVERYTHING in my world. I’m a social media junkie. And probably a wee bit more political than the average stay-at-home mom. Keeps me on my toes! I am complicated and simple all in one.

We just moved back to the city after six years of country living. Both my husband and I grew up on farms and that is where our hearts are but for the time being, our kids need some programs, friends and perspective. We’ll probably end up in the bush again eventually.

Everything I post is from my heart and 100% my opinion.  Take me seriously, but not too serious.  This is, after all, a blog.  I may tick you off, I may make you laugh. Whatever it is~I hope I make you think.

9 thoughts on “About

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  2. Hi Juanita! Just stumbled across your blog as a colleague in Italy quoted your broken Christmas post on facebook. I’m a Saskatchewan girl who you used to keep a blog called Prairie Prologue with the user name Prairie Chick, so of course your blog was endearing to me! We now live in Italy as missionaries and I blog at http://www.stonesintheroad.blogspot.com As a girl with a messed up childhood transplanted into stepford mennonite culture as a young adult, your broken christmas post really resonated with me.

    • Nichole!! I love that you messaged me! My heart is always with the prairie life……I will definitely check out your blog. Merry Broken Christmas to you and your family this season. May the LIght of the Stable be your guide through this year.

  3. I was blessed by your “60 days” and the timing was notable. Just the day before your post I had also marked the beginning of a 60 day effort of my own…to get a few things in better order in my life during that stretch which are the 60 days before my 60th birthday (that’s why I had chosen the “60”. I have not heard of a “60 day” effort being a common one. Thirty days, yes. Forty, yes, and even 21, but not 60. I just felt encouraged by it as I begin my effort and wanted to bless you in yours. He is good and His love endures forever. He calls us on. We are in the best of hands. Blessings!

  4. Loving meeting you! I’m also messy, also love reading and also take FAR too many photos! Sending you a high-five across the ocean!

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