Day 15~ Groups on Facebook

I administrate a couple of groups on Facebook.

They are private family groups so I have them blocked out in this screen shot: 




Groups are a great way of connecting with people that have similar interests as you but allows you to keep your privacy on your home page. In other words, you do not have to be( nor should you be)  Facebook friends with people in your group in order to see what they post….IN THAT GROUP.

For example, I have 2 family groups: one on my mom’s side, one on my dad’s.  These are private groups meaning they are not visible or searchable on Facebook but you have to be invited to be a part of them.  We can exchange recipes, family photos, addresses and information on upcoming events or reunions. 

This was a really helpful tool when my grandpa passed away last year. It was a great collection of photos, stories and thoughts.  Sometimes our groups are quiet for months at a time, but they are always there if we need information or to reconnect. 


I also belong to some photography and prairie interest groups.  I may not post anything for months at a time but I can see what others post. It’s like leaving your living room(your personal Facebook page) and walking down the street to the local coffee shop to see and hear what’s new in the area. It is social but it still allows you your personal space and privacy.

If you want to start a group page, they’re pretty simple.  Unless you’re doing something public like a community garage sale or mom/tot group, I recommend making them private and by invitation only. This keeps the trolls and spammers away.  You will still get requests from spammers to join but at least you can weed them out and block them as necessary.  Even with public type pages, I recommend having at least one or two administrators and making “joining a group” mandatory so that you protect the privacy of your members.  This option allows people to view the group but they can’t see the content or comment until they actually join. 


Groups keep you connected without the personal commitment to keep in touch with every person in your family or club on a daily basis!


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Day 14~ Subscribing to Newsfeeds & Trolls

On Facebook, you have the option of having only friends’ posts in your newsfeed or subscribing to other pages.  I have a lot of authors, bloggers, singers in my news feed as I do like to keep up with where they are, what they’re doing, what they’re talking about, etc.

I also have Breaking News in my news feed. As well as some other local news stations, weather, radio stations, on air personalities and the like.

Breaking News is one that I have learned to read the story only and forego any passing glance at the comments. Why? Because the commenters on there are just plain nuts. This is a worldwide forum and wow do they ever get some nut jobs commenting.

I used to fire back with an intelligible thought but that only sucked me in. You see, once you comment on a news story, it’s really hard to not read the follow up comments. Many pages moderate their comments but Breaking News and other worldwide news agencies do not. So it is a free-for-all and people act like maggots on dead flesh when there is ANYTHING they could possibly extract in the way of controversy.  My trigger point used to be the abortion debate. I would get sucked in and I would try to sound common-sensical but I always got dragged through a pile of crap and all of the sudden found myself defending issues that weren’t mine to defend. And this is where I learned about trolls.

The interwebs are full of trolls.  Don’t know what a troll is? Well you probably have never commented on a news story, opinion piece, blog or Twitter thread.  Trolls are everywhere and their one purpose in life is to make you say, type and give up words and thoughts you never planned on using.  They function to make you sweat. Their game is getting you so riled up about an issue that they become the primary target and focus of a news feed.  They want all the attention and they’ll say/type anything to get it. They are heartless, vicious, mean, relentless and they never stop. They don’t care who you are or what you believe, they just want you mad and typing. And then they pull any word or phrase and make a mountain out of a molehill. Trolls are evil temptresses.

Walk away.

Don’t even go there.

Don’t start and you’ll never have to stop.

Once you take the bait, you are a feast for the sharks so don’t even step into the water.

I still have Breaking News in my feed but I never click on the comments. Usually within 30 seconds of a story being posted there are several thousand comments and that right there is a sign that nothing good will come out of this “open conversation”.

Be wary of comments. Some are just there to stir the pot and disturb the poop.

This is a great article on Internet Trolls. Click here: Internet Trolls and Why I do What I do. 


Day 13~Games, Google Chrome and other stuff

Hey guys, here I am- behind! So sorry! Thanksgiving turkey hangover…well, maybe the lemon meringue pie is to blame…yummmm!   So I’m going to rapid fire 3 posts today, okay?

First up: games

The bane of my existence on Facebook. Ugh.

I used to play wordsearch and scrabble.  I did a little BubbleBurst and something else. That was about 5 years ago.

It soon became clear that not only were these time wasters but  I was getting annoyed by all the other people posting game stats and requests to play with them. So I shut it all down. Cold turkey(see what I did there?).  In one day I went from playing several games to playing none and I’ve never looked back.

First of all, if you play games, this is not a slam against you. You do whatever you want to do .

But know this:

1. I frequently hide from my news feed people who play games all the time.

2. I have defriended and will continue to do so, people who regularly play games and never post anything else on Facebook.

3. I have blocked several people from sending me game requests. Because, well, there were a few that , in spite of me publicly requesting that no one invite me to play games, continued to send me game requests.

4. If new games pop up(as they do all the time) in my news feed, I select the arrow to the right to permanently BLOCK all further requests and notifications from that particular game maker.

5. Many games cannot be played on Google Chrome.  For any who are more tech-savvy than I , please bear with me. I am a mom and wife and I know stuff just based on experience not because I know all the technical terms and what not on all things techy. Make sense? Good.  Google Chrome has a superior firewall compared to many other browsers. You may have found that when playing certain games they crash or don’t work at all on Google Chrome. So in order to play some of these games you have to go to Safari, Firefox or another browser. This should be a clue and a warning to you. Games on Facebook are not created by Facebook. They are created by 3rd party developers who may be using archaic or inferior programming. Since the web and the ‘net are always changing, many of theses games don’t measure up.  This is why many of you are getting spammy virus type things popping up on your friends’ walls with your name attached to them. I just had to delete some this weekend from a family group page…because the person whose FB profile it came from is a gamer.

6. You should be cautious about who you exchange information with in 3rd party apps and games. Many times I received friend requests from people I did not know because they were part of a game I was playing. This was one of the major red flags for me discontinuing game play on Facebook.

Any questions?   I don’t play games.  If you do, be wary and we wise.

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Day 12~The Good Thing About Facebook Part 1

I like Facebook.

There, I said it.

If you’re my Facebook friend, you know this to be true. I post about my life. I post photos of things I love, things I see, things I’m doing. I like the social interaction without the social commitment.

Well, it’s true.

You can post what you’re doing on Facebook and people can comment if they wish. You can read their comments and exchange witty banter or engage in a deep conversation.  There is no hard and fast rule for how to do that , for how long to carry on and why it even matters.  It doesn’t matter. And it does.

Let me share the following Facebook conversation between two of my friends. They are married. They were sitting on the same couch Facebooking each other during this “conversation”. He is Filipino, she is not. Prepare to be amused:

glenna nd jenna part1

glenn and jenna part1a

glenna and jenna part2

glennand jennapart3

You’re welcome . That is all.

This is why I love Facebook.

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Day 10~ Urban Legends and False Stories

There isn’t much that Facebook that annoys me more than the passed-around, rarely investigated forwarded stories and newsy-wannabe-items.

You know, the ones where Obama is declaring November Muslim Appreciation month?

The one about the father of a Columbine shooting victim going before congress?

Or how about the one where Bill Gates wants to share his wealth with you?


They’re all false.

And if people would take about 30 seconds to investigate…..after all, we are all sitting at a computer aren’t we….then you’d quickly and easily be able to discover that whatever your aunt, or friend, or neighbour, or long lost love just posted is just a false rumor, a tall tale, an urban legend.

This has been happening for years via email and most of us got smart with that and stopped the fiasco but even some of those lame stories are making an appearance on Facebook again.

Like the one about “women need to be careful at gas stations” …. because the boogie man might jump out and get you! PUH-LEASEEEEE!

There are so many, I can’t even begin to touch the tip of this massive lying iceberg.  So here’s a couple links:

1. There is an actual Facebook page you can LIKE to get up to date info on recent posted Urban Legends and other crap.  Click here. 

2. And here’s the actual Urban Legends website for TONS of links to all kinds of stories that are false. Click here. 

3. Snopes is sort of the go-to mother-of-all falsehoods website. Very thorough and helpful. Click here.


I admit, I have been duped a few times. As of late, I just don’t even click on most of the stories that people post if there’s even a hint of sensationalism or too-good-to-be-true-itis.

People are gullible and I guess that’s why they keep getting passed around. Don’t be gullible. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet and stop forwarding stuff that you haven’t taken the time to investigate.  I’m going to be harsh here, but it makes you look dumb.  I see the same people posting the same types of stories all the time and after a while it does reflect on your reputation. Sorry to say.

If you’re not sure, don’t post it.  If you haven’t heard it on the news and it would be a “news-worthy” item , that might be your first clue: DON’T POST IT!

And we’ll all live happily ever after……


Day 9~ A Clean News Feed

One of the new perks of the Facebook News Feed is the ability to customize it and clean it up.

I don’t know about you , but there was a time, a couple of years ago, when my newsfeed was full of games people are playing. Yes, people play games on Facebook. A LOT of games.  It was all I would see some days and it was bothersome and terribly annoying.

I have unsubscribed to all game notifications(more on that another day) but I also am vigilant about cleaning up my newsfeed.

I use the HIDE button often.

facebook 1



facebook 3



You can do this for any post. You can hide a photo that someone posts that you don’t want to see, a link you’d rather not view, all kinds of things.  It hides THAT post.

When you hide a game, the question will come up if you want to hide that post only or all posts by that particular game. I always select HIDE ALL.  I have no desire to see who is playing Farmville, Yuppieville or Hooterville today. It makes me cranky so I don’t ever see those posts at all anymore.

Hiding posts is also useful on some of the new promoted posts. People/pages/vendors can now pay to have their links bumped into your newsfeed. But you do have a voice and you can hide/delete those posts sending a message to FB and the owner of the posts that you aren’t interested in what they’re selling.

Now, go HIDE some stuff and see how clean your newsfeed is!  It’s a wonderful thing.