Christmas Home Tour {Part 1}

I love Christmas? Did you know? How could you possibly tell??

But this year I’m not counting down. I refuse to. Friends have countdown calendars. The kids are reminded daily in school of how many more days are left until Santa comes. Shoppers are told how many shopping days are left(which, incidentally, is now the same as the # of days till Christmas since we no longer have closed stores any day of the week). And all of it~ just makes me feel sad.  I’m sad that everyone is counting down and focused on THAT day and not enjoying THIS day.  There is so much to pack into this season.  It is a season.  And that’s why I wrote about the ones who hate Christmas.  All of this counting down is making us feel rushed and hurried and bothered and flustered.  So, I’m not counting down.  I have  no desire to care or know how many more days there are until the 25th of the month, because, well, there’s a 25th in every month and it takes roughly the same amount of time to get there as it did last month.

In the hopes of redeeming these days, I instead focus on making a new corner of my home more festive.  More cozy.  More like a place I want to be.  So, I’m going to take you on a tour.  I admit I am not done.  I never really get done.  Christmas decorations often get tweaked and moved and adjusted in my house.   I’m still working on a couple of key areas that never really had the proper attention given to them.

Today, I will show you a peek at our master bedroom. It’s been a neglected corner of our house since we moved in August. A dumping ground for random bathroom items that don’t fit in either upstairs bathroom, a mis-match of tacky 1960s  rattan wallpaper and my desire to make it soothing and peaceful.  So, this is what I did….

IMG_6854 (1280x853)

Bottle brush trees~which I love.

IMG_6856 (853x1280)

Aren’t they so festive?

IMG_6860 (853x1280)

Dayspring cloche (which is on sale right now for a steal!). Feels like a snow globe.

IMG_6863 (853x1280)

Vintage 3 tiered serving tray($3) and vintage ball ornaments

Chenille bedspread-thrifted.IKEA lighted wreath. Cozy.

Chenille bedspread-thrifted.IKEA lighted wreath. Cozy.

IMG_6889 (1280x853)

Buddy loves my bed~ and he suits the decor so I think I’ll keep him! 😉


I love looking around my house to find what can fit with what I’m trying to do. I’ve had this little wood sign for years and it just suits my theme here so well!



IMG_7287 (1024x683)_resize

I’ve had this Coca-Cola poster for several years~it is an original. Found this IKEA poster frame we’ve had for a long time and it just suited perfectly.


Tomorrow I will post my living room ~I’m still working on it so I need the day to get it done!

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Spreading Christmas Cheer~ A Giveaway!

I used to watch Oprah’s favorite things shows. I got all excited and teary when people would win stuff they weren’t expecting. Just watching their expressions was enough to make me want to run out and buy some goodies for my friends and family.

Now Ellen has carried on the tradition with her 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways.  Listen people, I don’t have unlimited resources or wealth to draw from.  I don’t have diamond bracelets or iPads.  I can’t even muster an iPod to give away.

However, I am feeling particularly generous this year and I wanted to share it with you, my readers.  But, there’s a catch(don’t you just hate that?)

Here it is:  I want you to go to my Facebook page and  “Like”  it.  Well, don’t just LIKE it….can you actually press the little “Like”  button? I want to set a tone for the new year with new posts, new ideas, new conversations and it all kind of happens there.  I just want everyone to be a part of it.  So, here’s the deal:Go to the link for THIS post on my FB page,share it on your page and then come back to my page and comment “shared” in the comments section.  For everyone who “shares” my link , you will get your name into a draw for something homemade by me!!  Just in time for Christmas gift-giving.  (sorry, this will only be available to those in North America).

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For all of my new followers wondering what this is all about~it’s just me, a little prairie girl, sharing thoughts on home, faith and family. If you’re wondering where to start…..a timely, good place would be my series on Redeeming Christmas. Lots of good ideas for simplifying and taking back Christmas from the chaos that it has become. There’s 31 posts in this series so no shortage of thoughts and ponderings.  Check it out here.

A bunting, a wreath and 12 fabric ornaments. Split it up and give as gifts or adorn your own little world with vintage loveliness. Perfect for that shabby vintage look, a girl's room, a nursery or kitchen. Possibilities are endless!

A bunting, a wreath and 12 fabric ornaments. Split it up and give as gifts or adorn your own little world with vintage loveliness. Perfect for that shabby vintage look, a girl’s room, a nursery or kitchen. Possibilities are endless!

Oh and one more thing….there’s a time limit here. Only comments posted by 11 pm(central time) Friday evening will count. That gives you 36 hours! Like,share, comment! Off you go! I can’t wait to see whose name will be drawn! I wish everyone could win~but, well, it wouldn’t be a contest then. 😉



Paint,Decor and Life Interrupted

I get myself into messes .  A lot of messes.  I get an idea and in my mind it’s easy to pull off.  However, in my mind I have loads of energy, 4 hands, 6 legs, 3 brains, and 45 hours in a day.  I do this ALL. THE.TIME.   I’m 40 and no, I haven’t learned my lesson yet…. oh well.


So, I decided last week to paint the living room and get it ready to sell. I’m having 2 open houses this weekend which folks around here tell me is useless because no one will come.  Well, they haven’t met my Jesus because he has the right buyer who NEEDS to see this house!! In faith, I have been painting and prepping.  But…then there’s Grandpa, beginning his journey home and I wanted to see him.  And there’s the cold….-50*C with the windchill today and therefore kids to pick up and take to skating and other stuff this week.

Life interrupts but the goals are still there.  I am determined to complete this task and be ready for the weekend.  OH and now my husband and kids are going to be home tomorrow night instead of Friday~ this requires an extra dose of energy, follow-through and commitment to complete the job!  I’m not fully finished but here’s where we’re at tonight:

These hideous "panels" from the previous owners have really annoyed me. And the burgundy above the fireplace was so outdated too.

Time to get up on the ladder~8ft ladder is no fun for someone afraid of heights!! Good-bye burgundy~hello "Shortbread" (Martha Stewart paint)

The piano I painted "Duck's Egg Blue" ~ suddenly a color scheme is born. My Dayspring blocks gave me inspiration for how to pull all the colors together.

Love how the colors just work together~bright green, barn red, blues and neutrals.

Lights down low~ it feels warm, cozy and spacious. Even the burgundy blinds which I can't change now have been worked into the scheme!


Last year I wanted all the oak gone. But since we're moving it has to stay as is. Now it is warmed up and I think it works!


Take what you have and go with it~you might be surprised at what you pull off!

Progress is taken in BABY STEPS. {Lord help me!}

Okay, so I’ve been out of the loop for a few days. Trying desperately to revamp the look of my living room and ready us for an open house this weekend.  We’ve pulled our house off the market temporarily and attempting to do for sale by owner.

PRAY FOR US in this endeavour!  It’s definitely a little scary in this market and out in the bloomin’ middle of no where when it’s 40 below.  Yes, we woke up to -34*C today which translated to below  -43 with the windchill. BRRRR!

Anyways, I’m painting the living room.  It is coming along but there’s a few hiccups and challenges along the way.  I actually started with a non-fixed piece.  I painted my thrift store piano!  Yes, it was a bit of a gutsy move but I love it! It looks fresh and happy and it’s going to be a fabulous addition to our newly brightened up living room.  And the great thing is that I get to take it with me! No way is it staying behind now!

I will update later with pics of the rest of the living room but for now, here’s the piano transformation.

Are you doing any transformations in your house this month? Any lofty goals for reorganizing and simplifying?? Let me know. I’m always up for more motivation and inspiration.

The Prairie Girl’s Home Goals

I like thinking about goals. I like making lists and I like the planning.  The implementation?? Hmmm. That’s a whole other ball game!

I decided to link up with all these fabulous bloggers on goals for our homes for 2012.  Mostly because I just want to have a goal and fulfill it.  I want to be intentional this year and clearly, intentionality means accountability.

Last year my home suffered dearly for so many reasons.  Walls and cabinets that I intended to paint are still as they were, furniture that I wanted to repurpose is still sitting in the garage, crafts and curtains that were to be made have been left in the “to do” pile once again.  I have procrastinated and lost my motivation.  Mostly due to the fact that we were supposed to be moving last summer and we still haven’t sold and partly due to the fact that when I feel overwhelmed I freeze up and nothing gets done.

So, goals for this year?

1.  BUY a house, move in and get dirty right away.   I can’t do much about this house although I am going to paint a couple of walls that no new owner will like and it will help my mood to perk up.  But moving is top priority and getting a house that we can all live in again is always number 1 in my thoughts.

2.  I want my new house to be the landing pad for my kids and all their friends.  We have been many years without having the social revolving door happening and we’re so ready for it.  I need to make sure there’s a comfy room with comfy furniture, foosball and ping pong!~ these have long been family goals and now’s the time to make it happen!

This is our current basement with a pool table not being used. Gotta change that!

3. I want to make my master bedroom that room where my husband and I love to go rather than just a place to sleep. I’d love a fireplace if we could make that work somehow(it would have to be a fairly big room).  I want a big headboard and I’m also working on my very first handmade patchwork quilt for our bed.  Gotta get that done before our anniversary in April!

The beginnings of my master bedroom quilt. I think I'm going to love it when it's done!

4. And one of my must-do goals has got to be to make my kitchen functional and working for me every day.  I have slacked off on home cooking and baking  and I really want to take back those crafts and bless my family daily with homemade goodness.

5. Every bedroom is in need of a new dresser so my mission is going to be to find older dressers to refinish, paint and re-purpose into what will work for each member of the family. I’m actually really excited about this! And night tables too!  I’ve already started to pick up some pieces that will need attention sooner than later.

Picked up this little beauty at a sale in the fall.Hoping to give it some life with a new colour for one of the girls' rooms!

I made a list yesterday of things I need to do to start getting my house in order and stop being consumed by stuff! You can read it here: Clean up and Clean Out!

Okay, I think that’s enough.  I have a LOT of work to do!! Gotta get on it ! What’s your home goals for this year?

My Christmas Mantle~ {Christmas Blog Linky Party}

I love how it all just works together and is so warm.

Every year I begin my Christmas decorating November 1 without fail. Typically it can take me 2-3 weeks to get it all done and even then I’m still tweaking and rearranging right up until Christmas. I love post-Christmas sales for all of my goodies and typically buy extras as they pop up on sale prior to Christmas.  This summer though, I decided to purge my enormous stash.  I rid our house of 5 artificial trees, massive amounts of garland,knick-knacks, snowmen, wreaths and whatchamacallits.  At the end of it all, I still have several Rubbermaid tubs full.   And November 1? Well, it came and went and I did nothing in the way of decorating. We wanted to be moved by now but that hasn’t happened. So, at the end of November I set up ONE tree and decorated the mantle.  That’s really it.  It still doesn’t feel very Christmasy but I am enjoying the simplicity of it all.

I chose a monochromatic theme. It’s amazing how you can pull off something different every year even if you don’t buy a thing!  I’ve developed a love off woodland-looking items and incorporated things I have into this simple display.

The pinecones were free~ picked them up off the ground when we lived in Calgary several years ago.

The Merry Christmas organza fabric was picked up at Fabricland about 3 years ago for less than $2 a metre! I have some of it wrapped around the base of the tree as well. It nicely covers up the tacky burgundy wall section behind the fireplace.

And my most recent(last year) Christmas decor item: The cardboard tree cutouts from IKEA. They are so awesome!

The trees are from a set of 3 purchased at Michael’s several years ago for less than 1/2 price.

The wooden carved snowmen was a 75% off deal about 4 years ago after Christmas.

The 2 reindeer were purchased at Kohl’s(man I love that place) at Christmas in Texas 2008. I think they were 70% off.

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