Cookies, Cookies and …..did I say {COOKIES!!!!}

Oh yes, it’s happening. Busy baking, but not too busy to stop and snap while I’m at it. I’ve cut way back on what is typically going through my kitchen at this time of year. Mostly because I’m not having anyone in and there’s no need for me to eat it all! But we still have concerts and teachers in need of a little something yummy. Plus my kids and friends who are begging for a treat or two! So, here’s where we’re at as of today:


You can almost smell them through this photo!

I still like mincemeat!!


I call them minty snowballs

Cream cheese, icing sugar and coconut topped with a Misty Mint. Yum Yum

My girls have mastered the art of decorating sugar cookies!


My great great grandmother's soft ginger cookies~so good.


Have I inspired you?? It smells wonderful and brings a smile and all it takes is a little effort and a bit of mess!