A Thoughtful Gift

Before I had ever heard about K-Mart, Walmart, Target or any other “big box” store, we had stores like Woolworths and Kresge Co.   When I was little we would travel 50 miles to town to the Woolworths for our department store shopping. It was a corner store with one door in and one door out. At Christmas the windows were full of cheery, festive displays. The wrapping paper was stocked higher than the heads of every adult and the ornaments were crammed into one tiny area at the front of the store.  Similarly, Kresge was an even smaller store in downtown Regina.  We would sometimes go there on our Christmas shopping excursions to find a deal or two. They had the most fabulous window displays with old time carolers, snowy scenes and always classic Christmas music playing.  When I hear “Silver Bells” it always reminds me of shopping in these two stores.  

We were poor when I was young.  We didn’t buy a lot for ornaments for our tree and they were lovingly packed away each Christmas to be used again and again.  I will never forget the shiny ball ornaments we had~ a couple of boxes only with varying shades of pink or silver, some with glitter designs and some without. What a sad day the day a cat climbed the tree, knocked it over and the ornaments came crashing down.  It wasn’t a surprise~ we would lose an ornament or two each year until finally there were none.   Try to find something like that nowadays? Good luck.

Well, a couple of weeks ago I was looking at photos of a business I follow on Facebook. This business is something I am interested in pursuing myself but for now I just look and get ideas.  The owner, Selena posted photos of her Christmas decor~ simple, elegant and vintage. OH, I was struck with this awesome wave of nostalgia to which I responded:

I certainly didn’t expect to get response!

Maybe it was the whisper of God in her ear that day, maybe it’s just that she’s a nice person~ I have no idea.  I don’t know her and she doesn’t know me but today  I received a package in the mail from her.  Contained within that brown box was THE MOST THOUGHTFUL gift I have ever received.  You might think it’s weird.  But it is more likely that it takes a lover of all things vintage to know when someone truly appreciates the simplistic beauty of these treasures from a generation ago.

It may not seem like much and maybe it isn’t to most, but when you get something that you didn’t even know you wanted and it speaks to your soul, that is a good gift.  Lesson learned: it doesn’t have to be expensive, big or flashy to make someone smile from a gift you’ve given, it just has to be intentionally thoughtful.

I have put them in my coke crate for now~you never know, that may change. But they're safe and cozy!

Head on over to Hazlitt Vintage Rental and check out her wonderful blog and inventory. And if you’re in Southern Ontario~ maybe you should consider her for your next wedding, party or event! Thanks again Selena for making my day!