A busy man is a happy man.

I don’t know very many lazy on-their-rear kind of guys.  And the ones I do know of are rarely respected and often ignored.

God gave men an ingrained sense of hard work=happiness.

Today, my husband is whistling for the first time in months.  He has a spring in his step, a smile on his face.  He’s turned on…literally.

The phone is ringing, jobs everywhere.  People needing work and money in their pockets ready to pay for quality and good, fast service.  If we could only get the paperwork done so that we are “legal”. (perhaps tomorrow’s blog we’ll dive into that one).

The point is that God created men to provide for their families and when they are not providing something within them is broken and dying.  The tired bones of a day well worked are happy bones.   The sweat and dirt on a masculine brow are worthy of noticing.  They are the medals of honor for a good days’ wages. 

Thank God for men who work, who provide for their families.

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