2012~31 Days To Redeeming Christmas

31 Days of posts is back! This is my 2nd crack at it and I hope I’m a little more prepared this year!

So the deal is this: I post on one subject for 31 days straight: October 1 through 31  . Just like last year, I’m linking up with The Nester.  Last year, she had over 700 bloggers join in. I can’t imagine how many will jump on board this year!

And this year I’m combining my two passions: Writing and Christmas! YIPPEE! Every day I will post on another way we can redeem Christmas from the commercialized, market-saturated, over-indulged, tiring, stressful event that makes many people run far and fast from Christmas.  I am passionate about Christmas being about Christ, family, giving selflessly and generously without going into debt or being stressed.

This is my philosophy: I have a two-fold love of Christmas. I love that the name of Jesus is in every store , every mall, every public venue. I love that you can talk about Jesus, give and bless in Jesus’ name and even the most hard-nosed get caught up in the love and splendor of it all. I am simplifying this year but I LOVE the lights, I love the joy , I love the colours and the displays. It lights up the dark nights of winter and warms the homes of streets everywhere. This is what I love about Christmas. I think we can redeem Christmas if we admit that there is an element of commercialism and refrain from getting too caught up in it and if we intentionally light up our homes and offer them as a living sacrifice to our neighbourhoods and friends. If we become the light, the light will burn brighter the rest of the year. This is my prayer, my hope and my vision. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! 
If you’ve linked to this page via The Nester’s link up page for 31 Days of Blogger-mania(that’s my take on it) then you will want to hit the “home” button or click on one of the following links for wherever you might be at. Because this is the landing page for all of the posts I’m going to update it daily with links to each current days’ posts: 
Introduction- September 30,2012
Day 1-Breaking Up With the Hamster Wheel of Christmas Chaos~October 1,2012
Day 2- Lists: Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em ~ October 2, 2012
Day 3~Climbing off the Gift-Giving Bandwagon ~October 3,2012
Day4~ The Unbalanced Calendar ~October 4, 2012
Day 5~ Kindness-Bombing ~October 5,2012
Day 6- Riggin’ Up the Lights ~October 6, 2012
Day 7~ Week one Recap~What Have We Learned? ~October 7,2012 
Day 8~Gifts for Little Ones ~October 8, 2012
Day 9 ~Gifts for Tweens and Teens ~October 9, 2012

Day 10~Giving Thoughtfully ~ October 10, 2012

Day 11  Consumable Gifts ~ October 11, 2012

Day 12~ Thrifted and Vintage Gifts~ October 12,2012

Day 13~ Pack a Shoebox~ October 13, 2012

Day 14~ My Soul Magnifies ~October 14,2012

Day 15~The Ones Who Hate Christmas~October 15,2012

Day 16~Overwhelmed By Expectations~October 16,2012

Day 17~ Redeeming the REST part of Christmas Vacation~October 17,2012

Day 18~A Radical Idea~October 20,2012

Day 19~Mess With Your Traditions~October 22, 2012

Day 20~ Christmas in a Box~October 22,2012

Day 21~Just One Thing ~October 22, 2012 

Day 22~ The Problem with Santa~ October 23, 2012

Day 23~The Problem with Santa Part 2~October 24,2012

Day 24~Embracing the Season~October 25, 2012

Day 25~For the Spenders and the Impulse Buyers ~October 25,2012

Day 26~The Problem with Santa Part 3~October 26, 2012

Day 27~Christmas: What’s the Point? ~October 27,2012

Day 28~ The Sight. The Sounds. The Smells of Christmas ~October 28,2012

Day 29~ The Secret Giver ~ October 29,2012

Day 30~Redeeming Advent~October 30, 2012

Day 31~It’s Complicated ~ October 31,2012

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