A Prayer for Final Exams ~And the Teens Writing Them~

I have three teens writing finals this week; one who is writing his last finals ever. And I know how completely overwhelming studying,cramming, and writing can be. And so……my mother’s heart is praying for my kids and all of their peers who are writing too.


Dear Lord,

You have given wisdom to those who seek knowledge and you have blessed us with strong, healthy minds that hunger to learn.  Bless my children this day, and this week, as they see the fruits of their labours culminate in the writing of exams that are designed to test their knowledge.

I pray that you would guide them to study those areas most important.  Help them to discern wisely what time they spend on each subject and when it is necessary to put the books away and just rest.

I pray that as they sit at their desks, with pencil in hand, that you would give them pause to breathe, to concentrate and to recall all that they have learned.

Help them to not be flustered or panicked.  Give them sharp minds and clear focus.  Sharpen their memories and give them the right words to lay out on that paper to answer the questions before them.

I pray that you would bless the work of their minds over this past year and that all of their late nights, long projects, boring reading and difficult questioning would not be in vain but that you would multiply what they already know into good marks for solid effort.

Give them peace about finishing and handing in their completed exams , knowing that they did what they were asked to the best of their abilities.  And help them to shake off any concerns or worry so they can focus on the next.

And Lord, bless their summers, that they would be renewed in mind and body and challenged for the next years’ work.

And bless all those who are graduating and writing for the last time.  I pray that they would be filled with humility at all that they have learned and understand that this has been the groundwork laid for what is to come but not the end-all and be-all of their lives.  Bless all that they do~that they would use their gifts, talents and knowledge to bring Glory to Your name and no other.

In Jesus’ name,


11 thoughts on “A Prayer for Final Exams ~And the Teens Writing Them~

  1. Thanks Jesus for hearing my prayers. My daughter passed her ACCA exam with very good marks.30 minutes back I prayed here and I got my answer now. Thank you Jesus.May our good good fulfill everyones dersire and each child get the best result.Praise the Lord.

  2. Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus.What a soothing prayer from a mom’s heart. It brought a lot of peace to me now as at the moment my daughter is in the examination hall and attempting her 4th paper of ACCA.I want each one of you to pray for her and also I am awaiting my twin daughters result on 20th May.They have appeared for their CBSE 10th board from Oman.Please pray that they get very good marks and also they are going to India to continue their studies there.So please keep our family in your prayers.I will continue praying for all of you in Jesus’ name.

  3. Touching prayer.the same I prayed for my daughter who is writing her 12th board. She is in tension. Please pray for her.

  4. it is good to trust in God and ask for His blessing for everything our children do in life. for only Him can bless and guide them in all that they wish to achieve in life. God bless our children and help those who will be writing thier examination to exell and pass thier examination. in Jesus name.

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  8. What a prayer Thank you very much i have prayed the same prayer for my son and his friends who are writing their final examinations this time around. May our good Lord grant our kids the excellence that they deserve and also the joy in achieving what they hoped for in Jesus’ name

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